Third berth at KING ABDULLAH PORT handed over to Support Growing Import and Export Activities

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 20th November 2014 – Ports Development Company, owner and developer of KING ABDULLAH PORT, announced the handing over of the third berth at KING ABDULLAH PORT to National Container Company after fulfilling all Saudi Arabia’s coast guards and customs requirements, where the cooperation between governmental … Continue reading

Ports Development Company Seeks Extensive Training for King Abdullah Port Staff in Europe

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 27th October 2014 – Ports Development Company, owner and developer of King Abdullah Port, in realization of the importance of the human element within the organization, implemented extensive training and certification programs of key areas of the port operations to specialized staff in Europe. Best … Continue reading

King Abdullah Port operator begins operations at new headquarters

Ports Development Company, owner and developer of King Abdullah Port at King Abdullah Economic City handed over to National Container Terminal (NCT), terminal operator at King Abdullah Port, the official terminal operator building situated within the port’s premises and close to the terminal after completing construction with the utmost global … Continue reading

Specialized Marine Services Company at King Abdullah Port signs finance agreement with Saudi Hollandi Bank worth SAR 121.5 Million

Specialized Marine Services Company (SMS), a joint venture between Ports Development Company and National Port Services, signed a Murabaha and Ijara financial loan agreement totaling 121.5 million SAR with Saudi Hollandi Bank. Mr. Aquilino Cornelio, Acting Regional Head of Saudi Hollandi Bank, signed the agreement with his counterpart Mr. Abdullah … Continue reading

For the first time in Saudi Arabia’s history and with a length of 399 meters, the largest cargo ship docks in the berth of Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah Port received the largest cargo ship mooring Saudi Arabia’s docks coming from Greece, the giant MSC London ship, which has a length of 399 meters and width of 54 meters, a depth of 16 meters in the water, and capability of carrying more than 16,500 TEU, weighting a … Continue reading

Almarai Selects King Abdullah Port to Establish Import and Warehousing Station

Almarai Company, one of the largest food and dairy products companies in the Middle East, signed a strategic agreement with Ports Development Company (PDC) for the usage of the Bulk Cargo Terminal at King Abdullah Port, to become the first tenant of the King Abdullah Port Bulk Terminal and the … Continue reading